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Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes: One Extreme to Another.


By Sarfraz Zaidi

Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(13):1246-1247.

Official Journal of the American Medical Association

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Stress Cure Now


In this ground breaking book on self help and psychology, Dr. Zaidi explains what is stress, symptoms of stress, effects of stress, and how you can achieve stress relief without using any medications, attending any workshops or going on any retreats.


He sheds light what mind really is, what is the process of thinking, and how thoughts triggers emotions. He explains what is the mind-body connection, and how our thoughts and emotions have such an impact on our health, mental as well as physical. He elaborates what is the basis of happiness, love, ego, fear, anxiety, panic attack, anger, hate, revenge, shame, greed, guilt, loneliness, sadness, grief, jealousy, addiction, ADD, stress eating, premature aging, and death.


Dr. Zaidi describes symptoms of anxiety and depression, treatment of anxiety and depression without drugs, anger management, peace of mind, mindfulness, meditation, what prevents you from living in the now, how to live in the Now, and how to deal with the stressful situations in every day life.


Dr. Zaidi makes us aware that we all live in a virtual, conceptual world and points out what reality really is. He guides us how we can change our mind set, be free of the prison of the false self, and realize the true original self that every human is born with: the true human nature consisting of joy, peace and contentment. "Stress Cure Now" is based on his personal awakening, extensive medical knowledge and vast clinical experience.


Every other book on stress management is either based on a religious teaching, the new-age mantra of positive thinking or the knowledge of the traditional psychology. Sooner or later, the lava of stress erupts through the paper thin layers of these superficial solutions. Because none of these approaches gets down to the root cause of stress. What is the root cause of stress? His zealous pursuit of this question led to his personal awakening in 2006. 


In "Stress Cure Now", Dr. Zaidi makes you realize the root cause of stress actually resides inside you. He calls it your Acquired Self, which you acquire as a result of the psychosocial conditioning from your society, as opposed to the True Self that you are born with, which is without any stress, whatsoever.


Step by step, he guides you how to be free of your Acquired Self. In contrast, all of the other books simply rearrange the contents of the Acquired Self. In this way, you stay in the prison of the Acquired Self, which is the root cause of all stress and all of the human sufferings. That's why "Stress Cure Now" is one unique book on stress management.




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