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Recognition as Top doctor

Dr. Zaidi was recognized as the only Top Doctor in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties in the field of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, by Castle Connolly's respected TOP Doctors directory.


Dr. Zaidi was recognized among the top doctors in the nation by US News and World Report.


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Exercise Recommendations For Type 2 Diabetes

Exercise is one the components of the revolutionary 5-Step approach to treat Type 2 diabetes, developed by Dr. Zaidi. Rigorous exercise may do more harm than good in type 2 diabetics. Dr. Zaidi gives proper exercise recommendations in his book, "Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes scientifically."

Excerpts from "Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes Scientifically"


Chapter 12




How Much And What Type?


            Exercise is one of the five-steps that helps you manage your diabetes. However, by itself, it is not enough. In addition to exercise, you have to pay attention to the other four steps, especially stress management and proper nutrition.           

            You should consult your physician before beginning an exercise plan. If you have heart disease or suspect you may have heart disease, check with your cardiologist before starting an exercise program. As a general rule, exercise should be started at a low level. Duration and intensity should be increased gradually.


Excessive Exercise Can Be Harmful           

            We all know that lack of exercise is unhealthy. How about intense rigorous exercise? In my professional opinion, excessive exercise can be harmful as well, for the following reasons: 

1. Excess Oxidative Stress 

            You are probably familiar with the term, "anti-oxidants." What are anti-oxidants? These are nutrients that help to fight off oxidative stress. What is oxidative stress? As a by-product of metabolism of food, oxygen free radicals (also called oxygen reactive species) are released inside the cell. These oxygen free radicals are toxic for the cell itself.  This is what oxidative stress is. An analogy would be a factory, using coal for heat production. In addition to heat, the factory also generates smoke and other toxic gases, which are harmful for the people working in the factory as well as the rest of the planet. 

            Now consider this. Intense exercise revs up your metabolism. Consequently, you have excessive amounts of oxidative stress. Your factory (your cell) is in high gear producing energy. Excessive smoke in the form of oxidative stress is the natural consequence. Excessive oxidative stress due to intense exercise is very harmful for your body, although you may feel elated during this type of exercise, which is due to the release of chemicals, such as excess adrenaline and endorphins. 

2. Exercise-induced injuries 

            Intense exercise also predisposes you to all sorts of injuries: neck sprain, leg sprain, and tennis elbow are some examples. 

            In addition, excessive use of joints, over a period of time, contributes to degenerative arthritis, which then leads to chronic pain as well as limited activity level. Consequently, your insulin resistance and diabetes worsens. Remember, your diabetes is likely to get worse with time and you are going to need your legs, especially in your golden years. 

How Much And What Type of Exercise? 

I make the following recommendations about exercise to my Type 2 diabetic patients ................................



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